What Can Help Reduce Shedding In Dogs?

If you own a dog that sheds moderately or heavily, then you should be prepared to deal with your pet’s shed hairs for their entire lifetime.

Here are some factors that are known to help reduce shedding in dogs:

A healthy, balanced diet

Excessive shedding in dogs can be caused by “junk” ingredients in their pet food. Wheat, soy, corn, or by-products in pet food can negatively impact the quality of dog food products. Thus, you should never compromise the quality of your pet’s food over quantity. Placing your pet on lifestage-appropriate pet food can help ensure that he receives the nutrients that he needs every day. When buying pet food, make a habit of checking the list of ingredients, making sure that the first on the list is a named protein source.

Allergies and Skin Problems

Dogs that are prone to allergies or other skin problems may shed excessively. Work closely with your South Oklahoma City, OK veterinarian so the underlying cause can be identified and addressed properly. Visit this link for more details: http://silverleafvet.com/


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