First Aid Tips For Eye Injuries In Dogs

Any problem affecting the eye, even when it’s only a minor scratch, warrants a closer look by your veterinarian. Minor eye problems that are left untreated can possibly pave the way for serious complications that can lead to vision loss.

One serious problem affecting the eye is when the eyeball comes out of the socket. The pet owner should never try to put the  eye back into the socket. The dog needs to be brought to the nearest animal clinic immediately.

While still at home, the only first aid measure that you can undertake is to cover the affected eye with gauze or a clean cloth that has been soaked in supersaturated sugar solution or warm salty water. This can help preserve the eye before your veterinarian can see him.

An object that is embedded in the dog’s eyes can cause minor eye problems such as excessive blinking or squinting. Considering that the eyes are very important sense organs, any problem affecting the eye should be brought to the attention of your animal hospital South Oklahoma City, OK.

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