Dealing With Your Cat’s Kneading

Dealing With Your Cat_s Kneading

As a cat owner, you have probably experienced the pleasure and pain of your cat kneading her claws on your lap. Keep in mind that kneading is all about showing your love. As a kitten, your cat kneaded her mother to stimulate milk so when she kneads you, she is transferring this nurturing relationship to you. And your cat is marking you as her own using scent from glands in her feet. Thus you should never yell at your cat or punish her while she is kneading you. Trim your cat’s nails often to dull her weapons so they cause less pain while she is kneading. Don’t be shy about slipping a lap blanket or small pillow between your cat’s claws and your lap while she is kneading. Enjoy the ubiquitous purring and love from your cat. And don’t forget to take time to cuddle and pet her. Learn more from your most recommended Crown Point IN veterinary clinic.


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