Your Dog’s Temperament

Your Dog_s Temperament

As a puppy, your dog falls into a litter hierarchy and this will influence his temperament. Understanding how your dog fits intoyour pack can help you relate to your dog, especially while training him. Submissive dogs may act nervous or anxious and can be more sensitive. These dogs need direction and insurance that you will take care of him. A submissive dog may need some extra kindness. He may resort to submissive urination or fear aggression if threatened. An alpha dog needs strong leadership. He may be pushy but will respond well to confident, consistent training. Use a firm voice and be very clear about what you want your dog to do. Some dogs fall somewhere between submissive and alpha dogs. These dogs are generally easy to train, mellow dogs. Work with your dog with his temperament in mind for best results. Learn more from your local animal hospital Crown Point IN.


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