Tips For Helping Dogs Deal With Cabin Fever

Image result for Tips For Helping Dogs Deal With Cabin Fever

Dogs that are used to spending time outdoors every day can suffer from cabin fever especially during winter when it’s very cold outside. They can easily get bored from lack of physical and mental stimulation. For lack of positive outlets for venting excess energy, the dog can develop undesirable behaviors. Boredom can fuel elimination problems, destructive behaviors, persistent vocalization, and other forms of undesirable behavior.

Here are tips to help your dog deal with cabin fever:

  • Provide mind-stimulating toys to keep your pooch busy. A treat dispenser will give him hours of fun and motivation.
  • If the temperature outdoors increases a little bit, take your dog outside for a walk around the block or a romp in the yard.

Call your Newmarket, ON animal hospital if you have any concerns about your pet’s health or behavior.


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