Teaching Your Dog to Shake Your Hand

Image result for Teaching Your Dog to Shake Your Hand

Teaching your dog tricks such as shaking hands is fun and develops a sense of trust and camaraderie. Your dog will need to reliably obey the SIT command to start training on this trick. Start with your dog sitting and hold a treat in your hand. Show it to your dog and then close your hand around it. Hold your hand close to your dog’s paw.Say his name followed by the SHAKE command. If he moves or lifts that paw at all, give him the treat and lots of praise. Practice this often and gradually require your dog to lift his paw higher and higher to get the treat. Then start taking the lifted paw into your hand and shake it as you give him the treat. Gradually reduce and then eliminate the treats so your dog does his shake trick for praise alone. Learn more from your Niagara Falls, ON veterinary clinic.


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