Sugar Gliders

It’s time to change the wrong perception that sugar gliders are low-maintenance pets and are easier to care for than cats or dogs. As pets, sugar gliders have special needs and will benefit from special care and attention. Just like all pets, your sugar glider will be wholly dependent on you for their daily sustenance and other needs.

Gliders are extremely social; once they are familiar and at ease with their primary caregiver, they will want to spend regular time interacting. Without daily human interaction, coupled with lack of physical and mental stimulation, pet gliders can become depressed.

Sugar gliders won’t make ideal pets for very young kids because they won’t hesitate to display aggressive behavior, like biting or nipping, when they are handled roughly or held tightly. Fortunately, their teeth are just like miniature clamps and their bites would feel no more like a pinch. But still, this can frighten kids who may let go of the glider, which can possibly result in injuries.

Your vet care Marietta, GA is an important source of information when it comes to meeting your pet’s needs adequately.


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