Some Health Warning Signs In Dogs

There are medical conditions that affect dogs in which symptoms can only be detected once the problem is already well advanced and complications have set in. Being familiar with what’s normal to your dog will give you an edge when it comes to spotting signs of potential illness so you can seek prompt veterinary attention.


Lumps on the body may indicate an in inflammation, a lipoma, or local reaction to the presence of a foreign body (like a thorn or awn) that is embedded in the skin. But lumps can also be a symptom of cancer that can be potentially malignant.


Hyperthermia refers to an increase in body temperature beyond what is considered normal. This can be attributed to heat stress when a dog is exposed to very high environmental temperature. Severe cases of heat stress can be fatal.

Enlarged abdomen

Buildup of fluid in the abdomen, bloat, and a host of other serious conditions can result in a large abdomen.

Gums that are pale or bluish

This can indicate internal bleeding, circulatory problems, liver disease, or shock. These are serious health issues that warrant prompt attention from a veterinarian.

Don’t hesitate to call your vet clinic Marietta, GA if you notice any of these symptoms exhibited by your dog.


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