Ingrown Nails In Cats And Dogs

Kittens that don’t receive regular nail trims can develop ingrown nails, a condition in which the nails start to grow in a circle back into the paw pad. The problem can also occur in cats and dogs of all ages.

But ingrown nails are not always a result of neglect. There are a number of reasons why the problem may occur. And in most cases, pet owners don’t realize that there’s a problem with their pet’s paw until the toe is swollen and possibly infected.

In general, the nails naturally wear down from walking, running and engaging in everyday activities. But the dewclaws need to be trimmed regularly because it’s located up on the front leg and in some breeds, also the rear legs. The dewclaws are the most likely to become ingrown.

Some breeds of cats can develop toe abnormalities as a congenital condition, which can increases a cat’s risk to having ingrown nails. There are also cats with extra toes, and the nails on these extra toes are the ones that commonly become ingrown. Regular trimming can help prevent any problem.

If you don’t know how to trim your pet’s nails properly, you can ask your groomer or your veterinarian services Marietta, GA to show you how it’s done.


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