Your Cat’s Water Bowl

Your Cat_s Water BowlEnsure that your cat has access to fresh, clean water at all times. Water prevents dehydration, kidney problems or other internal issues. She may reject plastic bowls since they may smell odd. She may tip it over easily so a ceramic bowl may be your best choice. A deep bowl can compromise your cat’s peripheral vision while drinking so she may feel threatened. You may need to experiment with bowls since your cat may show a preference for either a light or a dark colored bowl. You will also need to consider placement. Most cats are okay with their water bowl near the food bowl but yours may not be.. Most cats don’t want their water bowls near the litter box. Placing her bowl the main traffic areas of the house can cause her to avoid it. Experiment to make sure your kitty gets ample hydration. And keep the bowl clean. Contact your vet Aurora, CO to learn more.


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