Keeping Your Gerbil Clean

Keeping Your Gerbil Clean

Gerbils are desert-dwelling animals so they are not fond of water. Thus you will need to opt for a dust bath rather than a traditional water bath to keep your pet clean. You will need chinchilla sand for the bath. This sand is available from reputable pet supply companies and is coarse enough to avoid dust that can cause respiratory issues. You can also buy a dust bath or use a low plastic container. Put an inch or two of chinchilla sand in the container and place it in your gerbil’s enclosure. Hopefully, your gerbil will jump right in and roll around. If not, remove the bath after about fifteen minutes so he doesn’t use it as a litter box. Keep trying and eventually, your gerbil will learn to use the bath. Offer the dust bath several times a week to keep your gerbil clean and shiny. For more information, contact your veterinarianAurora, CO.


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