Do Cats Like to Be Shaved?

Image result for Do Cats Like to Be Shaved?

There are a few different reasons why you might want to shave your cat. You could be worried about him overheating, you could be tired of all the cat hair in your home, or maybe you’re just tired of brushing him. The question is, do cats like to be shaved?

Most cats don’t care for the act of being shaved. A loud razor running along their skin, especially if done by a strange groomer, is enough to stress any cat out. However, your cat may be happy with the final result.

Contrary to popular belief, shaving your cat won’t keep him cooler, but if he has trouble with mats, he may find some relief. Mats can be very painful! Your feline friend may like being shaved so he doesn’t have to deal with them anymore.

For help deciding if your cat should be shaved, speak with your vet East Indianapolis, IN.

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