Tips To Correct Bad Behavior In Cats

Tips To Correct Bad Behavior In Cats

Like dogs, cats can learn faster and better when their efforts in displaying appropriate behavior are positively reinforced. It’s important for cat parents to refrain from shouting or punishing their kitty for displaying negative behavior such as litter box evasion. These negative reinforcements can only confuse them and even make them nervous and feel threatened.

Take note that punishment or reprimands that are given even just a few seconds after a negative behavior act has been performed won’t stop the cat from doing it again. He won’t understand why he is being punished; in fact, it may even make him fear his owner. The owner’s action may even trigger display of aggressive behavior as the cat tries to defend himself.

If you do catch your kitty in the act, avoid punishing him; it’s best to distract your pet by making a loud noise or throwing something that will get his attention.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your Cherry Hill, NJ vet about any questions and/or concerns that you may have about your pet’s behavior. Visit them to know more.

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