How Can I Prevent Mouth Rot in Spiny-Tailed Lizards?

Keeping your Spiny-Tailed lizard happy and healthy is part of your job as the pet owner. Understanding common illnesses and how to treat them is also important as a pet owner as well. For instance, if you own a Spiny-Tailed lizard then you should learn about common ailments cause as mouth rot. Mouth rot can occur because of poor diet, bad living environment, and stress. You can help prevent mouth rot from occurring by making sure your lizard is perfectly happy and healthy in his living habitat. Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature in the habitat. You should also feed your lizard on a regular schedule so he doesn’t become stressed because he thinks he’s missed a meal. These steps along with checking your lizard daily for signs of illness and/or injury can help prevent your lizard from getting sick. It can also help identify current illnesses a lot sooner. For more information, click this website, or call your vet Indianapolis, IN.


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