How and When to Wean British Longhair Kittens

Are you caring for a litter of British Longhair kittens? If so, have you talked with your vet about scheduling first time visits, vaccination schedules, and a good time to wean the kittens from their mother? Don’t try to wing it if you’re not sure, just call your vet for assistance. The weaning process or the transitioning of a kitten from its mother’s milk to solid food should start at around four weeks after birth. You can watch for signs that the kittens are ready by paying attention to their reaction to their mother’s solid food. Kittens that start leaving their mother’s milk alone to go and nibble on the kitty chow are most likely ready to be weaned. You can start the process by introducing solid food that is made slightly soggy with milk or warm water. For more tips, talk to your vet Indianapolis, IN.


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