Leaving Your Rottweiler Out in the Daytime

Leaving Your Rottweiler Out in the Daytime

Some pet owners like to leave their dogs out during the daytime so they can have room to stretch, play and exercise, and go to the bathroom when needed. However, this is not idea for all pets. If you own a dog like the Rottweiler, ask your vet first before leaving the dog outside during the day. If you’re not at home during the day then you may want to leave your dog indoors especially if it’s supposed to be rainy that day or super hot or even super cold. If you have to leave your dog outdoors during the day, please provide some type of shelter for him to escape the wind, sun and other weather elements. Make sure he has access to plenty of fresh water throughout the day as well. You can also make arrangements for him to stay indoors or for someone to check on him. For more tips, talk with your veterinarian Glendale, AZ.


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