Housing Pet Hedgehogs

Housing Pet Hedgehogs

There are several important factors that should be considered when selecting a cage for your pet hedgehog. These include ease of cleaning, adequate space, safety, and air circulation.

There are many types of hedgehog cages that can be found in pet stores, but they are not created equal. Thus, don’t settle for the first one you can find. Knowing what your pet needs can help you pick out the best enclosure which can also fit into your budget.


Hedgehogs need spacious living quarters. They love exploring every nook and cranny of their enclosure. The minimum space requirement for one hedgehog is two square feet. This floor space is only recommended when there is an exercise wheel to give your hedgehog opportunities for regular physical activity as well as mental stimulation.


The enclosure should have a solid floor with a secured fitted top to prevent hedgehogs from escaping. Wire or mesh flooring should be avoided because their tiny feet can get caught and become injured.


Proper ventilation is necessary to prevent odor buildup; it can also help keep humidity down.

Ease of cleaning

Hedgehog enclosures need to be cleaned frequently. So make sure that the enclosure can easily be cleaned to make the task less tiring and unpleasant.

Consult your Cherry Hill, NJ veterinarian to know more about your pet’s housing requirements. Visit this website, for additional information.


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