Anal Gland Cancer In Dogs

Anal Gland Cancer In Dogs

A substance from the anal glands in dogs helps mark their territory. But anal glands can get blocked, develop infections, or even have cancer. The most commonly-occurring type of tumor in the anal glands of dogs is adenocarcinoma. The cancer is very aggressive and there is a high chance of spreading (metastasizing) to other organs and lymph nodes of the body. Immediate surgical removal is highly recommended for adenocarcimona. But even with surgery, prognosis is often very poor, especially when it’s not done properly. Even when it’s done properly, there is still a high probability of the cancer returning because it’s often difficult to remove the entire tumor because of the very limited space around it.

In addition to surgery, many veterinarians have been using chemo beads to help decrease the chances of recurrence of cancer in that area. Chemo beads contain a small dose of cisplatin which is a drug that is used in chemotherapy. Chemo drugs kills cancer cells and other rapidly multiplying cells. Thus they can also slow down healing because they can kill healthy cells that multiply and promote the healing of tissues.

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