Your dog and chewing

Your dog and chewing

Your pet has a lot of habits for you to keep up with, but few will cause as much as trouble as her love of chewing on things. Why does she do this?

Your pet can’t ask you about certain objects, so she needs to seek out the answers to her questions on her own. This means taking the time to find out about an object in any way she can, and sometimes this will involve chewing. Think about what your pet chews on to determine if it’s for a different reason. For example, she may be trying to soothe teething pain or find something to snack on. It’s a good idea to have things for her to chew on to satisfy this urge, and to prevent her from sneaking off with one of your belongings. Your local Bee Cave TX veterinarian can help you care for your pet. For more information, you can visit their profile.

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