Litter Training Your Rabbit

Litter Training Your Rabbit

Your rabbit needs at least a half hour of time outside his enclosure for exercise and socialization. However, if you give your rabbit free range in your home, he could make a mess when he urinates or defecates on the floor. Thus it is important to litter train your rabbit. This task is relatively easy since rabbits prefer to eliminate in the same general area. Set up a litter box with low sides so he can jump in easily. Don’t use cat litter since it isn’t safe to nibble on. Choose paper-based litter instead. Put hay in the box too. Position the box in a place that is convenient or you can watch where your rabbit goes and put it there. Put your rabbit in the box often so he will start eliminating there. Clean the box regularly but leave a few droppings so he’ll remember where to go. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Oshawa, ON.


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