Clothes and Your Dog

Clothes and Your Dog

Dressing your dog up in clothing can be great fun. There are so many clothes for a variety of events and those that can augment your dog’s personality. There is also protective clothing such as raincoats or sweaters to keep your dog safe from the weather. Doggy booties protect your dog’s feet from scratches due to icy surfaces, slipping and the heat from the pavement in the summer. Ensure that you buy clothes that are not constructive and don’t put your dog at risk for strangulation hazards. Never leave your dog unsupervised while in clothing. Check that your dog doesn’t overheat in his clothing. Don’t force your dog to wear clothes he is not comfortable with. However, you may need to try several times before your dog accepts the clothing you offer. Never yell at your dog or punish him while encouraging him to wear the clothes. Learn more from your vet clinic Oshawa, ON.

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