Is it Possible for my Ragdoll to Feel Guilt?

Is it possible for your Ragdoll to feel guilt? Yes and no. Yes, your Ragdoll is most likely smart enough to figure out when she’s done something wrong. For instance, if she knocks over a glass of water on the table or spills a bag of food then she may run and hide. That may be a since of guilt or it may just be that she scared herself. Some experts believe that cats may act like they are experiencing guilt, but in reality they are acting off of the owners emotions and are most likely scared. As with dogs, the guilt appearance may simply be an indication of fear or confusion or even manipulation to get what the cat wants. Cats are smart creatures and have a variety of different expressions and emotions, but that doesn’t mean they feel guilt. If you want to learn more about your cat’s emotions, call your vet Ellicott City, MD. Click this link for more details:


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