Taking the Pomeranian on a Road Trip

Do you travel often? Do you own a Pomeranian or other breed of canine? If possible, you should consider taking your pup with you on a road trip. Obviously some trips aren’t suitable for pups and they need to be boarded, but if it’s possible, your Pomeranian can be a lot of company on your trip. If you’re going to head out with your Pommie, make sure you’re prepared. When packing for yourself make sure to pack a bag for your pup too. Include extra water, food, bowls to eat and drink from, leash, an extra leash, harness if you use them, potty trash bags for picking up after your pup, and any medicines your dog needs. Don’t forget to pack your pup’s bed or favorite blanket to remind him of home. Bringing along copies of vaccination records may also be useful too. For more ideas on what to pack, call your veterinarian care Upper Arlington, OH.


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