Minor Cuts in Pugs

Dogs can be a lot like children. They love to play outdoors, get dirty, and try all kinds new tricks that may or may not be safe for them. They’re natural explorers. When a child gets a cut the parent doesn’t usually call the doctor or an emergency number right away. Instead, the parent gets out the first aid kit and treats the cut. The same is true for dogs. If your pug comes in from playing and appears to have a cut, don’t panic. Instead, examine the cut and if it’s not serious treat it from home. You can use cleaning solutions like Vetericyn or regular iodine or chlorhexine to clean the cut. If it looks like it may become infected, apply a small amount of Neosporin or antibiotic cream approved by your vet. If the cut doesn’t heal on its own or appears to big to handle by yourself, call your vet Upper Arlington, OH.


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