Your Guinea Pig’s Water Bottle

Your Guinea Pig_s Water Bottle

Your guinea needs access to fresh, clean water at all times. A water bottle works better than a bowl since a bowl can be knocked over easily and contaminated with droppings and bedding. Choose a water bottle that is large enough to meet your guinea pig’s needs. This bottle should have a stainless steel sipper tube with a ball bearing at the end to keep it from leaking. Hang the bottle on the side of the cage away from where your pig normally urinates. Hang it low enough for your guinea pig to reach but high enough that it doesn’t get contaminated by dirty bedding. Check the sipper tube often for bedding or pieces of food that could contaminate the water and cause the bottle to leak. Change the water in the bottle daily and scrub the bottle with a bottlebrush weekly during your weekly cage cleaning. Learn more from your reputable pet clinic Sugar Land TX.


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