Signs Your Cat Wants to Be Left Alone

Signs Your Cat Wants to Be Left Alone

There are times when your cat wants your attention to be petted and cuddled. She may want to hang time out your family and observe the hubbub of your household from a safe vantage point. However, there are other times when she wants to be left alone. You may notice some hissing as your cat crouches down. Her ears may be pinned back showing her irritation. Even a friendly cat will run away from you if she doesn’t want to be picked up. And if you do get a hold of her, your cat may kick or scratch to get away. Leave her alone until she calms down. Your cat may hide under the bed or in a closet for some alone time. This could also indicate that your cat doesn’t feel well so pay attention in case you need to seek medical attention. For more information, contact your veterinarian Plano, TX.


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