Giving Your Dog a Pill

Giving Your Dog a Pill

Some pet medications are only available in pill form so you need to determine the best method to administer a pill. Sometimes it’s as easy as smashing the pill and mixing it with ground meat or wet canned dog food and your dog will gobble it up. However, dogs may taste the medication and reject it. There are yummy treats manufactured with a pocket in it to insert a pill. Many dogs will gobble up the treat with the medication inside without fuss. You can also use a pill gun. This tool has rubber fingers to hold the pill and a plunger end to release the pill. Open your dog’s mouth and quickly insert the end of the pill gun behind the tongue and release the pill into his throat. Close your dog’s mouth, keep his chin up and rub his throat to ensure he has swallowed the pill. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Plano, TX.


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