Rabbits Need Veterinarians Too

Did you know that your pet rabbit needs to see a veterinarian on a regular basis? If you’ve just purchased or adopted a rabbit, call your local vet and set up an initial wellness exam. Depending on where you live, your rabbit may need certain vaccinations or paperwork showing his good health. If you plan to show your rabbit, you will also need frequent vet exams listing your rabbits current health, breeding, sex, etc. Other reasons for vet care may include dehydration, respiratory illnesses, coat conditions, and dental checkups. You can help keep your rabbit healthy as well by providing him with clean water, vet approved food, healthy snacks, and regularly cage cleanings. It’s also important to exercise your rabbit so make sure he gets a chance to roam outside under supervision. Talk with your best vet North Phoenix, AZ to learn more ways to care for your pet rabbit.


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