Grooming your Dog

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No matter what type of canine you own, it’s necessary to keep him groomed on a regular basis. Grooming doesn’t just refer to brushing or a trimming either. Grooming can include giving your dog a bath on a regular basis, trimming his nails, brushing him, checking him for fleas and ticks if you’ve been outdoors, etc. It can also include cleaning the ears, anal glands, paw pads, and teeth brushing. Whenever you think of grooming just think of maintenance for your pup. There’s different ways you can groom your dog yourself or have your vet or local grooming salon take care of it. Some owners prefer to bathe their own dogs once a week, but they need help with trimming the nails. Others may be fine trimming the nails, but they prefer a salon to bathe and trim the coat. Talk with your vet Omaha, NE to find out what’s best for your dog.


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