Signs your Papillon may have Diabetes

Signs your Papillon may have Diabetes

Did you know that canine diabetes often occurs in obese dogs, female dogs, and in senior dogs? However, it’s still possible for it to occur in young, healthy dogs like the Papillon. It’s important to watch what type of foods you feed your pup in order to keep him healthy and happy. If you suspect diabetes, look for symptoms such as extreme thirst and frequent urination. The primary job of insulin is to trigger the liver and muscles to convert glucose from the blood into sugar. When this doesn’t happen there is an excessive amount of glucose in the blood stream, which is discharged from the body through urination. Other symptoms of diabetes may include hunger, weight loss, lethargy, vomiting, enlarged liver, cataracts, bladder or kidney infection. If you think your Papillon is diabetic, contact our vet to set up an exam. Only your vet Aurora, CO can diagnose diabetes in your dog.


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