Dog Collars – Chain Slip Collars

A collar is one basic essential for pet dogs. They are needed when taking your pet on leash walks and during training. And it’s where the dog’s ID tags are attached. There are also collars that are designed to make a fashion statement. Knowing what your pet needs, will help you pick out the right one.

Chain slip collars (choke chains)

Choke chains are among the most controversial types of dog collars around. The collar is actually indicated for training purposes only. The owner or trainer makes a quick tug on the leash when they want to call the dog’s attention, particularly when there is display of undesired behavior or when the dog makes a mistake during training. When the leash is pulled, the collar tightens around the dog’s neck. It’s because of this that there are dog trainers who don’t recommend or use choke chains because of the possibility of damaging the delicate tissues of the neck.

For pet owners who think that using a choke chain can help achieve desired results during training, make sure that you know how to use the collar correctly. It should be removed from the dog’s neck when the owner is not around to supervise the dog. There have been cases of strangulation associated with the use of choke chains during training, and failure to remove the collar after training.

Your veterinarian care Naperville, IL can offer valuable insights on the different types of collars that can be used for your dog.


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