Why You Should Check Expiration Dates Of Pet Food Products

Pet owners should be extra vigilant when it comes to what their pets eat. Pet food recalls are quite common, thus pet owners can never be too careful. Two important things to check out before buying pet food are the list of ingredients and the expiration or “best by” date. Here are important reasons why you should check the product’s expiration date:

Nutritional quality

The nutritional quality of pet food products significantly reduces after the expiration date. Some outlets may offer expired pet food at discounted prices but giving the product to your pet will deprive him of essential nutrients. Continuing to do so will eventually cause your pet to suffer from nutritional problems.

Packaging and contamination

The type of packaging materials can have an effect on the quality of the pet food. Permeable packing materials can increase the product’s risk of exposure to moisture; also, insects can easily get in.


Fat is a basic component of pet food, and it’s also the main reason why a product can become rancid when it’s past the expiration date.

Your vet care Bolingbrook, IL can readily answer concerns you may have about your pet’s diet and nutritional requirements.


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