Underlying Health Issues May Be Behind Your Dog’s Undesirable Odor

If your pooch didn’t roll around in anything stinky, or did not have any encounter with a skunk, your pet’s undesirable odor could possibly be caused by a medical condition.

  • Kidney problems and diabetes mellitus – one symptom associated with these problems is a foul mouth odor.

  • Periodontal disease – mouth odor can be a result of tooth and gum problems.

  • Ear infections –discharge from infected ears give off a very distinct smell. Dogs with ear infections may engage in frequent head-shaking and ear scratching.

  • Gassiness or flatulence – dietary or gastrointestinal problems can lead to increased production of gases in the stomach and emission of foul-smelling gas.

  • Impacted or infected anal glands/sacs—this is often considered as the most common cause of odor problems in dogs.

A visit to your best vet clinic Naperville, IL can help identify the underlying cause of a dog’s odor problem.


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