“How Often Should I Empty My Dog’s Anal Sacs?”

Normally, a dog’s anal sacs don’t need to be emptied on a regular basis because they should be able to empty themselves. Routine emptying assistance is not recommended because it may cause infection or inflammation. However, it may be necessary in pets with persistent anal sac problems.

If keeping your pet’s weight within a healthy range and adding fiber to his diet won’t improve the emptying of the anal sacs, your vet may perform some specific tests to rule out serious underlying problems, like cancer of the anal sac. The latter condition is very rare, but it’s still important to establish the cause of persistent cases of anal sac problems. For some dogs, frequent anal sac problems may require surgical removal of the sacs.

But if your pet’s anal sac problem is a frequent one, you should speak to your veterinarian Bolingbrook, IL about learning how to properly empty your pet’s anal sacs at home.


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