Things to Consider When Adopting Your First Snake

Snakes can be unique, interesting pets but before adopting your first snake, do your research. Perhaps you can meet with a reputable snake dealer to pick out a good beginner snake. Consider adult size, feeding habits, aggression and safety when choosing a snake. Never adopt a snake from the wild since they have not been socialized with humans and can be dangerous. Ensure that you can give your snake a habitat that will meet his needs. This includes the proper size tank with a substrate, plants and things to climb on and hid inside. Consider your snake’s humidity and light/heating needs. Snakes are cold-blooded so you will need a consistent environment. Learn about what your snake eats and be prepared to feed him live mice, grubs, insects or whatever that species prefers. After all this research you can adopt a snake with knowledge and confidence. Learn more from your Crown Point, IN veterinary clinic. Or click here.


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