Teaching your dog not to jump on you

Teaching your dog not to jump on you

Your dog loves to jump up on you, particularly when he hasn’t seen you in a while or he gets excited about something. This is because he is trying to capture your full attention, and he thinks the best way to do this is to reach your eye level. To stop him from jumping, you will need to teach him that this isn’t the case.

Take the time to consider when your pet jumps. Be ready for him to do this, and turn away from him. Do not give him any attention until he has all of his paws back on the ground. It may take some time, but eventually your pet will come to realize that jumping doesn’t pay off, and there are better ways to get you to focus on him. Your local Guilford County vet clinic can offer additional advice. You can also visit website http://vetsummerfield.com/ to know more.


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