Litter box set-up

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Your family will soon be growing by four paws, and you can’t wait to add a cat to your household. You want to get everything ready prior to her arrival, and a litter box is a part of this. How can you set this area of your home up for her to use?

The litter box space in your home should be near where you expect your pet to spend her time, but still far enough away that it isn’t in the middle of all the action in your household. It should also be away from things that would deter your pet, like loud appliances. Be sure the litter box itself is nice and clean, and that you are using an appropriate litter for the litter box you’ve chosen. This should be set up shortly before your pet’s arrival so the litter doesn’t sit out for too long prior to being used. Your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian can offer additional suggestions.


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