Choosing a water dish for your dog

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Your dog needs plenty of water in order to stay hydrated, and you need to offer this to him in a water dish he is comfortable drinking from. How can you choose the best one for him?

Think about your pet’s size and water intake. Try to find a bowl that will fit a reasonable amount of water for him. It’s okay if you need to refill it throughout the day, but there is no reason to choose one that you know will be very small for your pet. You should consider how you will be able to keep it clean, as bowls with little nooks and cranny’s can be difficult to fully clean. You should also look into different features that may be helpful, like a spill-proof bowl, or one that is non-reflective to prevent your pet from digging in her water. Your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian can help you care for the pets in your home.


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