Can FeLV Affect my Somali Cat ?

Lilac Somali cat with hazel eyes and tufted toes, lying down

Did you know that FELV stands for the Feline Leukemia Virus? This is a retrovirus found in felines only. If you’re concerned that your Somali Cat may have FeLV please call your vet to schedule an appointment. FeLV can affect cats of all breeds. FeLV is commonly found in cats that are very young, elderly, or have a compromised immune system. Environment and lifestyle can also play a part. Research suggests that 2 to 3% of the cats living in the United States are affected with FeLV. The virus can cause anemia or lymphoma in cats. It has also been known to compromise the immune system making the cat susceptible to deadly infections. Cats that have been vaccinated have been known to have a stronger resistance to the virus. FeLV does not affect people or other animals besides cats. Talk with your local animal hospital Rochester NY to learn how to protect your cat from FeLV.


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