Symptoms of Mouth Rot in the Savannah Monitor

Mouth rot is a common occurrence in various types of reptiles including snakes, turtles and even lizards like the Savannah Monitor. In general, mouth rot appears as inflammation or small hemorrhages on the gums or as large amounts of mucus in the mouth. It can also appear on the inside edge of the mouth near the lip area. Causes include stress, poorly regulated temperature in the enclosure, parasites, trauma, malnutrition, and overcrowding. If your monitor has mouth rot then you may notice a swelling in the mouth or head area. Your pet may also have his mouth open as if he is breathing through his mouth. Some Savannah Monitors will stop eating when mouth rot occurs so you may also notice a dramatic weight loss due to lack of appetite. Ask your veterinarian Ashland, KY right away if your reptile has any of these symptoms.


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