Seizures in an American Singer Canary

Did you know that birds like the American Singer Canary are prone to various health risks and should be seen by your vet on a routine basis? One particular illness common to birds is seizures. Seizures are common in various bird types including American Singer Canary, budgies, the Amazon parrot, African grey parrots, finches and lovebirds. A seizure in an American Singer Canary may be the result of a disorder in the brain and usually involves a variety of involuntary body movements, behavior changes, convulsions, or fits. Many canaries that have seizures generally go through three phases. The first phase may involve abnormal behavior. The second phase may involve disorientation and uncoordinated movements. The bird may go into convulsions, cry out and defecate. The third phase may involve exhaustion, confusion and restlessness. Call your vet services Flatwoods, KY if your American Singer Canary appears to be going through any of these phases.


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