Probiotic Supplements for Great Danes

If your Great Dane has occasional diarrhea ask your vet about your Great Dane’s overall health. Your Great Dane may need a wellness check up and blood work to determine the cause of his stomach upset. Or, he may just need a simple probiotic supplement to help support his digestive system. Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in your dog’s digestive tract. Many dogs can benefit from a probiotic supplement as they not only aid digestion, but also help build up the immune system. Some experts have found that probiotics can be used to treat diarrhea, irritable bowel, and intestinal inflammation. They may also be used to prevent urinary tract infections and may reduce inflammation in the intestines. Even if your Great Dane isn’t having digestive or stomach problems, talk to your vet Flatwoods, KY about adding a routine probiotic to your Great Dane’s regular diet. Schedule an appointment at this website Guardian Animal Medical Center.



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