Heartworm Testing for Striped White Ferrets

Is your Striped White ferret is on a heartworm prevention program? If not, call your vet and request a wellness exam to begin the process. Your vet will need to run a simple blood test on your Striped White ferret to determine if heartworms are present. If your ferret tests negative then your vet will most likely prescribe a monthly heartworm prevention plan for your Striped White ferret. The plan requires a monthly pill or other form of medication to be administered. Yearly heartworm tests are suggested to ensure your ferret remains heartworm free. If your Striped White ferret tests positive for heartworms, immediate and aggressive treatment will be started. Your ferret may not be able to start a prevention program until the heartworms have been cleared and his blood test returns negative. Heartworm disease is a dangerous disease that can be fatal if not monitored and treated aggressively by your vet Ashland, KY.

Learn more here: http://guardiananimal.com/


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