Flea prevention and your cat

Flea prevention and your cat

Your cat loves being a part of your family, and you want her to have the best life she possibly can. However, you know that she will be uncomfortable if you don’t do anything about flea control. How can you help her stay parasite-free?

Your pet should be kept away from areas you know are flea infested, but even making a point to do this won’t keep your little fur ball away from them entirely. In fact, you may not know when she is exposed to fleas, so you will need to have a backup method in place. This can be an economical flea prevention method, like a spray, shampoo, or a powder that you can apply frequently. It can also be a bit more expensive, but much more convenient topical treatment that can be applied monthly. For more information, please contact your most recommended pet clinic Marietta GA.


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