Can Society Finches Choke?

Did you know that it is possible for a Society Finch to choke? If you’ve witnessed your Society Finch coughing and stretching his neck in an effort to swallow than he may have been choking or having difficulty swallowing his food. If this happens, please call your vet immediately for help. You will need to tell your vet exactly how your Society Finch is acting as well as let your vet know what the bird was eating or could have been eating at the time of the choke. Your vet may instruct you in some over the phone life saving methods. For instance, if a baby Society Finch is choking or aspirating on water or formula, your vet may tell you to turn the bird upside down without restraining the head. You may be instructed to apply a quick compression to the keel or breastbone while the bird is inverted. Always follow the instructions from your vet Flatwoods, KY. Click this link for details:


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