Basic Dog Obedience Training

Basic Dog Obedience TraObedience training gives you a way to control your dog’s behavior usually by command. Since you will spend a lot of time training your dog, it also gives you a chance to bond with your dog. Choose the commands you want your dog to follow such as sit, lie down, come and stay. Only work on one command at a time and ensure that your dog reliably obeys that command before moving on to the next command. Train your dog when he is alert but not overly excited. Use a food treat to lure your dog into approximating the desired behavior. Introduce a command word and give him the treat and lots of praise when he obeys you. Practice the training often and delay the reward so you dog gets better at the behavior. Eventually reduce and then eliminate the treat so he obeys your command alone. Learn more from your vets Minnetonka, MN.


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