When You Find Cat Hair in Your Food

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Picture this—you’re getting ready to dig into your lunch only to discover a single strand of cat hair sitting on the top of your food. Gross! Now image you’re throwing a dinner party. You simply can’t have cat hair in your food. Is there anything you can do?

First, keep your cat out of the kitchen. The more time your cat spends in the kitchen, the more hair is going to end up all over everything, and the more likely it is to end up in your food. Feed your feline friend somewhere else.

Groom your cat, and groom him often. The more you brush your cat, the less likely dead hair will end up in the kitchen. If you can’t seem to stay on top of your cat hair problem, you may want to consider shaving your feline friend.

Looking for more tips? Call your vet McHenry, IL!


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