Tips For Dealing With Multi-Cat Households

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Having several cats can mean more fun, but it can also mean more responsibilities and double the problems. There will be more pet cat issues and concerns that you will encounter and address appropriately. A significant percentage of your household budget will also be used to buy the basic needs of your pets, like cat food, supplements, kitty furniture, and other pet necessities.

Mealtimes can be chaos if you are not around to closely supervise your pets. The more dominant cats can eat the share of less dominant ones. This is one reason why dominant cats tend to pile on the pounds, while the submissive ones may become underweight and become more prone to nutritional problems. You should be around to make sure that each cat gets his fair share during each meal. Take note that overeating, obesity, and malnutrition are common in multi-cat households. It is also easier to monitor each cat’s intake when they are fed separately.

Call your Pickerington, OH veterinarian if you notice any change in your pet’s diet, health, or behavior.


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