Taking Your Dog to the Shelter to Find a New Friend

Image result for taking your dogs

Pets are like potato chips—you can’t have just one! That means you may find yourself at the animal shelter, but there’s nothing worse than bringing home a new friend only to discover that he doesn’t get along with your dog. The solution? Bring your dog with you to the animal shelter!

Before you pack your dog in the car and make the trek to the shelter, call ahead and make sure it’s okay. Different shelters have different policies. If nothing else, they may set up a special room just for you and your pooch before you arrive!

Plan to watch your dog interact with at least three other animals, and don’t restrict your options to other canines. Your pooch may find a new kitty he loves!

For help ensuring your pet is successful at the animal shelter, call your vet Lakeville, MN and ask for more tips.


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