If You Don’t Have Time to Play With Your Cat

Image result for Play With Your Cat

Every pet parent knows that felines like to play. The trouble is, playing with a cat can be more difficult than it sounds, especially if you don’t have a lot of time. How can you make sure your cat gets the exercise he needs if you don’t have time to play with him?

You have to do your homework and find toys your cat likes to play with alone. Not all cats like the same kinds of toys, so be willing to try a few different things. Furry mice are a good pick, as are pompom balls. If you can roll them in catnip first, that’s even better.

If your cat is really picky, you may have to try a motorized toy. You can also get tricky and purchase toys that hang from door handles. Your vet Bowmanville, ON can tell you more too!


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